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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

This week's Digster Wednesday Playlists is brought to you from Music City, Nashville, with the Digster Country Playlists. Start off with what's new and hot with the Weekly Top Country Hits playlist. Here you'll find 66 songs that are making feet move and beers pour all over country radio. Next, step outside the usual line dance with the Americana & Alt-Country Best of Playlist. You'll get almost 2 days worth of music, 615 songs to keep you down and dirty till the bottle is empty and the eyes are bloodshot. Then there's the All Time Greatest Country Hits Playlist, where you can dig into the songs that defined country music over the years with 70 songs from Patsy Kline to Glen Campbell and everything in between. Get these and all of the Digster Country Playlists at the link below.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Josh Mover & The Shakers: Into A Ghost

Into A Ghost is the debut EP from Toronto indie band Josh Mover & The Shakers. The five tracks are jangly, reverby and catchy. The vocals are reminiscent of an updated Jay & The Americans. You can almost here this band covering Cara Mia in a Weezerish groove of indie rock goodness. This is a strong debut, with plenty of originality in the songwriting and plenty of range in the performances. There's much in the tracks to keep this on repeat for a while. Stream and buy Into A Ghost at the link below.

Blurred City Lights: Volker

Volker is the sophomore album from the experimental soundscaping duo Blurred City Lights, aka Dean Garcia (SPC ECO, Curve) and Jarek Leskiewicz (Sunset Wrecks, Opollo). The ten tracks are powerful orchestral rock, with the duo creating a sound so large the mere universe cannot contain it. This is experimental music at its best, genre defying, instrumentally complex yet melodically accessible. What you'll find are huge guitars, tight rhythm sections, industrial touches, inspired synths and a level of musicianship that is rarely attained in what is fundamentally rock music. This is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Volker at the link below.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Jamison Isaak: EP1

Stepping outside his Teen Daze project, artist/producer Jasmison Issak releases, EP1, his first foray under his own name. The four tracks are compelling pop pieces built around piano, synth and steel guitar. With lush soundscapes meant to relax the soul and engage the senses, the tracks unfold in a breathtakingly beautiful interplay between melodic piano passages and haunting steel guitar lines. Deep and uplifting, yet with darkish shadowing, this EP shows Jamison's versatility as an artist and is a must have. Stream and buy EP1 at the link below.

Kira May: Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory is the new single from Toronto artist Kira May. The track is a trendy indie pop interlude, with May's stylish and engaging vocals, reminiscent of Florence Welch. Big, powerful and towering, with a nice dynamic range, the song is the perfect introduction to the singer. This is a track you'll want to have on repeat. Stream and buy Muscle Memory at the link below.

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Crowleys: Colours Change Their Tone

Hamilton, Ontario band, The Crowleys, have released their new album Colours Change Their Tone. The six tracks are imaginative indie rock, that move effortlessly through a genre defying bag of tricks, bringing the listener an unexpectedly rich experience. Imagine the artistry of a band like Yes, coupled with the song stylings of Jimmy Eats World, all produced by Daft Punk and you start to get a feel for the uniqueness of this record. This is an album that will keep your ears in the game and is a definite must have. Stream and buy Colours Change Their Tone at the link below.

Broads: Field Theory

Shameless Promotion PR bring us Field Theory, the new album from UK based Broads. The eleven tracks are wonderfully varied carrying the listener from atmospheric dream pop to synthy freak folk, to full on ambient soundscapes, all the while showing a depth of originality missing in much of indie music. The music delights with such a varied textural palette that one becomes engrossed in the aural experience, shutting out lesser cries for attention. This is a definite must have. Stream and buy Field Theory at the link below.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Twilight Fields: Our Time Is Now

Our Time Is Now is the third album from Ontario based Twilight Fields. The eleven tracks harken back to the days of bands like Big Country, The Waterboys and The Church, where the music was a medium for grand philosophical statements. On Our Time Is Now, the band uses the lyrics as a testament to the need for unconditional love in an ever darkening world of loss, sorrow and chaos. With a dreampop feel, some noise accents, crisp production and lush arrangements, the album delivers intimate pleadings of need, in a beautiful sonic context. Stream and buy Twilight Fields at the link below.

FBGM: Lullaby

Boston based duo FBGM have come with their sophomore release, the single and short film Lullaby. The song is a dreampop influenced ballad with catchy lyrics, sophisticated vocals and fluid reverby guitar lines, with some nice industrial sonic coloring. The tracks is so completely engaging it feels over before one is ready and leaves an immediate sense of no, there must be more. Your being longs for more, so you play it again and again, the same feelings pervade, so one's only hope is to be lost in a world where this track plays over and over, unrelenting, until there finally comes a times, as yet not reached, where one might be sated. Watch the video for Lullaby, then buy the track at the link below.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

Welcome to another edition of the Digster Wednesday Playlists. Today we take you to the land of Gypsies and Vampires with the Digster Romania Playlists. Step outside the box with Okapi Tati, 20 songs to let you discover the best of Romanian Rap and Hip-Hop. Then there's Get Urock Music, seven hours of what's loud an heavy in the dives of Bucharest. You can get down with Top Romanian Music, 54 of the biggest hits by Romanian artists. Lock up your wallet and put on your best garlic necklace to discover these and all the Romanian playlists at the link below.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Japan Suicide: Santa Sangre

Italian post-punk band Japan Suicide have released Santa Sange, their new album on Spanish indie Unknown Pleasures Records. The eleven tracks will recall a number of post-punk bands, but comparisons are unfair, as this is a band that inhabits the very rocky edge unencumbered by homage to anyone. This album is dark, tense and perfect. The guitars cut like a depressive razor, enticing pleasure from the noise and flaying at any false pretense of happiness. This album glorifies a rawness that permeates its sublime beauty, delivering a post-punk portrait as authentic as a late night Soho walk. This is a definite must have. Watch the video for album track Circle, then stream and buy Santa Sangre at the link below.

Llarks: Metallic Summer

FZB favorite Llarks is back with his 9th release, Metallic Summer. The five track EP gives us more of Llarks signature ambient soundscapes of melodic textures, imaginative guitar drones and artistic noise. Llarks employs what can only be described as complex minimalism. While one is never inundated by a cacophony of parts, the depth of sound and interplay between components is totally immersive. Llarks continues to be one of our favorite ambient artists. Stream and buy Metallic Summer at the link below.

Monday, March 12, 2018


ISS is the band's S/T debut EP on North Carolina indie label Sorry State Records. The four tracks are an ingenious cross between the Beastie Boys, Ramones and Circle Jerks. With mainly sampled music and tongue in cheek lyrics, the band balances on an edge so razor thin it would slice through an atom. This is music that goes to the very heart of the punk ethos...loud, fast and snotty. This is punk at it's most authentic, guaranteed to upset the neighbors, your teachers and your parents. Get thrown out of the house, turn this up to liquefy and enjoy. Stream and buy ISS at the link below.

Jon Lindsay: Zebulon

North Carolina singer/songwriter Jon Lindsay is back with a new single, Zebulon. The track is crisp, clean indie rock, with a nod to more traditional song styles. The song has some very nice changes, with an unexpected and stylish sax interlude. Flawless production, a nice lyrical story and inspired musical performances are the highlights of this single. It's been a couple years since Lindsay has had a full album release and we hope this track is a foreshadowing of a longer format work to come. Stream and buy Zebulon at the link below.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Dominic Coppala: Honeymoon Phase

FZB favorite Dominic Coppola is back with a new album, Honeymoon Phase. The six tracks continue his guitar driven ambient excursions, with ample demonstration of his mastery of the medium. Coppola deliver rich textured phrasing, that swirls and cascades across the sonic spectrum, creating sound fields of spatial beauty. The deceptive complexity of the aural components, gives way to a unified simplicity of the final musical pieces that unfold in harmonious waves of sound. Stream and buy Honeymoon Phase at the link below.

Sturqen/vAaristyma: Atonia

New Porto, Portugal based label Nervu, bring us their first release, Atonia, a split album from Portugese duo Sturqen and Finnish artists vAaristyma. The two track from the former and five from the latter are quite different. Sturqen brings us a half hour of dark looming electronica, encompassing sinister overtones and lighter melodic lines, whereas vAaristyma opts for shorter glicthy pieces with a more ambient and done feel, Both sets are highly textured and sonicaly diverse and this is a good interesting first release for the label. Stream and buy Atonia at the link below.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Number Ones: Another Side of The Number Ones

North Carolina indie label Sorry State Records always delivers great music and they've brought us another winner. Dublin band The Number Ones' sophomore EP, Another Side of The Number Ones is packed with energy from start to finish. With one foot in indie rock and the other in punk, they gift us with four tracks of twangy, driving rock that is completely compelling. This is a record that manages to get a Beatles type of commercialism without sacrificing any edge. Destined to be one of the best records of the year, this is a band you need to know and have in your collection. This is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Another Side of The Number Ones at the link below.

Lusterlit: List of Equipment

Brooklyn duo Lusterlit, aka Susan Hwang and Charlie Nieland have released their imaginatively titled new EP List of Equipment. The six tracks were all written for Bushwick Book Club events in New York and Seattle. The songs have literary themes and a sound reminiscent of The Kills, embracing post-punk and indie rock stlyings, with a touch of Bohemian flare. This is a record that has a compelling sonic vibe and enough interesting changes to keep it on repeat for a long time, and is a must have. Watch the video for EP track Flight, then stream and buy List of Equipment at the link below.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

Your invited to a journey of discovery with this week's Digster Peru Playlists. Start with the Exitos Peru playlists, 62 songs from the artists that are shaping the music scene in this part of South America. Then there's Acustico, eight hours of the best acoustic music for romantic Latin nights or relaxing on a Pacific beach. You can try Se Habla En Espanol, 61 of the best Spanish language songs. Try these and the other Peru Playlists at the link below.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nova Flares: Gut Splinter

Gut Splinter is the debut single from Kentucky artist Nova Flares, aka Jason Wagers. The track, from a soon to be released EP, is twangy, shoegazy, rock, with a touch of psychedelia. Unfortunately the track is instrumental, as we assume the EP will be. Instrumental releases work well in the expansive mediums of electronic music, however in the confines of guitar driven rock, they have failed to flourish. For us there is always a simple reason, the recordings sound unfinished. We listen, waiting for the vocals to come in, only to get more jangle or roar. This recording shares the same fate. With a limited melodic palette and instrumental range, one wonders why the artist chose the instrumental format, rather than finding a lyricist and singer? The track is fun for a listen, but has no lasting appeal. Stream and buy Gut Splinter at the link below.

Broads: Climbs +1

Climbs +1 is the new two track single from UK synthpop band Broads. What immediately strikes you about these two tracks is the lack of the cliched, synthpop sound so prevalent in indie today. These tracks utilize guitar, violin and cello, as well as stunning harmonies, to defy the the status quo and deliver a recording where originality is party of the DNA. Darkish and intimate, the music awakens emotions in a sonic environment that envelopes the listener both aurally and intellectually. Combine these traits with crisp production and imaginative synth pads, and you get a definite must have. The group has an album coming soon, so in the mean time, stream and buy Climbs +1 at the link below.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Croatia: Make Circles

Victoria, BC band Croatia have released a new single Make Circles. With a shimmering synthpop music bed, a nice slight R&B feel and a bit of disco swagger, the single makes for a fine introduction to the band, who have already released an EP, debut album and couple of other singles. You'll like this if you're into The Weekend, and similar artists. This is stylish, albeit very mainstream leaning, so don't expect any edge or innovation. What you get is a good solid pop song that will keep you circling back. Stream and buy Make Circles at the link below.

Ricky Hamilton and the Void Boys: Hell Is Real

UK label Dirty Water Records has always been the purveyor of all things good in punk, so there was bound to be one misstep and this record is it. Hell Is Real, by Ricky Hamilton and the Void Boys, is the worst kind of quasi-punk out there; a complete rip off of the genre. The album is derivative to the point caricature. The phony guitar feedback at the start of every track, fuels the lack of authenticity, as does the poor production, which feels manufactured rather than a real part of the recording. This band's final insult was, until this album, to have the name Ricky Hell and The Void Boys, thus shamelessly appropriating a name and a legacy of which they are not deserving. There is tons of great punk music being made around the world right now, skip this junk band and go find some legitimate punk. Stream Hell is Real at the link below.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Leoprrrds: Hot Like Lava

Berlin based Leoprrrds have released their new EP Hot Like Lava on indie label Spati Plalace. The four tracks have a nice original sound and unique feel, which is best described as post-punk Bohemian folk, and is a simply stunning work. The songs are completely compelling, as are the vocals. The simple beauty of this record will draw the listener deep into the tracks, where the punk aesthetic coupled with the other influences becomes a transcendent musical experience. This EP is an absolute must have. Watch the video for EP track Out Of Practice, then stream and buy Hot Like Lava at the link below.

Saccadic Eye Motion: Silver Soul

Israeli label Schwarz Neon Licht Records, bring us Silver Soul, the tenth album from artist/producer Saccadic Eye Motion. The sprawling 21 track album of instrumental pop, blends guitar based shoegaze soundscapes, with dreamy electronic ambiance. The album is melodically and emotionally diverse, but not really innovative or original. It has nice patches, while at the same time never managing to find an engaging groove. While an ambitious work, it comes off as guitar pop elevator music. Good for background to another activity, but not something to sit and listen to as a whole or for a party or club. Stream and buy Silver Soul at the link below.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Marva Von Theo: Dream Within A Dream

Greek duo Marva Von Theo, aka Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis, have released their debut album, Dream Within A Dream. The twelve tracks are glistening dream pop, but make no mistake, this is an album about a great vocalist. Sure the music is good; nice beats, catchy synths, well worn cliches and plenty of atmosphere, but it is the vocals of Marva Voulgari that sets this record apart. Here clean, powerful voice is a rare phenomenon, with its soulful character, stylistic mastery and inescapable presence. Stream and buy Dream Within A Dream at ther link below.

Nanaki: Epilogue

Epilogue is the new album from FZB favorite Nanaki, on Small Bear Records. The brainchild of artist/producer Mikie Daugherty, the six tracks are post-rock guitar explorations of melodic structures superimposed on shoegaze and post-punk sonic landscapes. Edgy and a bit dark, with enticing intimacy and unbridled emotional passion. Atmospheric, haunting and enthralling, this is a definite must have. Stream and download Epilogue at the link below.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

Welcome to this week's installment of the Digster Wednesday Playlists, where we bring you the Digster Pop Playlists. You can listen to New Music Friday, 64 songs that will catch you up on what is new and exciting. Get your party on with Fresh Upbeat, over 3 hours of the best upbeat music released in the last month and updated every Friday. You can sit and veg with the New Chill playlist. Here you'll get 57 tracks of the best new chill music, updated every week. If long commutes are your daily routine, there's the A1 Commute playlist, almost 7 hours of tracks that will make the lengthiest commute pass in style. Listen to these and all the other Pop playlists at the link below.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

GJ Coppola: All I Need Is Love

All I Need Is Love is a new two track EP from artist/producer GJ Coppola. The tracks, totaling 19 minutes of music are ambient, drone hazes, with complex rhythms, imaginative spacial presence and completely different personalities, both sonic and emotional. This is music that requires focus, while tempting the listener to let their mind wander. Pitfalls await those lulled by the siren. Stream and buy All I Need Is Love at the link below.

The Rosewood Brothers: Soul Blossom

The Greek Isles have become a home for the blues, with the release of Soul Blossom by The Rosewood Brothers.The ten tracks are southern blues rock, with a Muscle Shoals swagger, a B3 for the ages, vocals like a smooth Tennessee whisky and an authentic R&B sensibility. if you like the blues, R&B, towing vocals and great harmonies, this is the record for you. Stream and buy Soul Blossom at the link below.

Monday, February 26, 2018

AmyJo Doh & The Spangles: Calle De The Spangles

Calle De The Spangles is the new album from AmyJo Doh & The Spangles on Germany's Sweepland Records. the eleven tracks are 60's based gems that could come straight from secret agent and beach party movie soundtracks. The songs are catchy and complelling, with a surfy sounds and AM radio ready witticisms. This album is twangy, sexy and a perfect conversation starter. It will turn heads, and is a definite must have. Stream and buy Calle De The Spangles at the link below.

Silent Kingdom: Where Secrets Meet

Where Secrets Meet is the new album by Sarajevo based post-metal band Silent Kingdom. originally a combination of traditional music with Black metal, the band has gown into a more theatrical and lyrical embodiment of metal and folk music, delivering a more grandiose sensual experience in a similar way to where Kansas was at the height of their powers. This is an album of melody more than anything else. At times complex, at time simple, always beautiful. Stream and buy Where Secrets Meet at the link below.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Feature Friday: Bearsuit Records

Today is the first of our semi-regular Feature Fridays, where we will will focus on independent record labels and PR firms, that bring the best of emerging music to FZB's readers.  They'll tell us about their business, artists and the challenges of recording and delivering emerging music artists in the ever changing music industry landscape of streaming and illegal downloading . This first Feature Friday we bring you the thoughts and story of Scottish indie Bearsuit Records. We regularly feature their artists here on FZB and the label never fails to serve up some of the most imaginative emerging artists in the world today.

FZB: How did Bearsuit get started?
BR: Bearsuit Records was established in Edinburgh in 2006 – with the initial aim of promoting local artists working loosely in the area of left-field electonica. Artists that we thought did not get enough exposure in the media or in mainstream local or national/international radio. This idea developed when we started looking at the wealth of unsigned and unrepresented talent worldwide we found on the likes of Myspace...

FZB: Where do you find your artists?

BR: Artists are discovered from all kinds of sources – from word of mouth to chance discoveries on sites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp. There is no one dominant style or genre Bearsuit adhere to. If it sounds unusual, stimulating, challenging, entertaining and/or ridiculous – or all of the of the above  - then it may possibly fit the Bearsuit criteria...

FZB: Do you record the artists yourselves, or license finished albums and EPs from them?

BR: We don't record the artist's material insitu at Bearsuit, but we do master all material and then go on to promote the work nationally and internationally. Each artist receives individual, specific contracts drawn out according to their specifications, desires and preferences...

FZB: What are the main challenges you fave as an emerging music label?
BR: As of challenges in today's market for labels – there's always been challenges in trying to make people part with their money. The digital age has helped the small business in some respects (reducing costs etc.) – but has also,  thanks to some “generous” (and successful) bands/artists – has led some to believe that music is or should be free... A problem the  age is still coming to terms with  - why pay for something you can't physically hold in your hand... and is sitting there on an illegal site waiting to be downloaded?

Let's take a look at five Bearsuit artists:

Ippu Mitsui – Is a Japanese musician/producer from Tokyo who works loosely in an electronic dance-oriented field. His highly charged breakbeat sounds are at once experimental and accessible. His most recent release for Bearsuit being the “L & R” album of 2017. Aural Aggravation Zine said : “this is an album that pushes into myriad electronic territories. Throughout, Mitsui keeps one eye on groove and the other on confounding expectations.” 

Harold Nono – Is Bearsuit's longest standing musician/artist on their roster - from their first release of his, “To The River Lounge” in 2006 to his most recent, “Ideeit” in 2016. His work mixes abstract experimentation with a playful and melodic sensibility, often combining acoustic based instruments with more electronic elements. Aural Aggravation said of the “Ideeit” : “Bearsuit mainstay Harold Nono returns – and once again, he’s come up trumps. Nono’s latest effort is as inventive as ever. An intriguing album that is – difficult to place, but a lot easier to dig.” He's currently working on a new solo album as yet untitled.

Swamp Sounds – Is the work of electronic/experimental musician, Yuuya Kuno, an artist based in Nagoya, Japan. He also records as House Of Tapes for the Japanese label, Tanukineiri Records. Swamp Sounds constructs a kind of fast and furious apocalyptic, psychedelic electronica. The Sunday Expeince Zine said of his split album with Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods : “a kind of skittering post-apocalyptic technoid sore thumb with Wagon Christ workings powered by a frantically animated Aphex industry. An impishly wiring cornucopia of fracturing nanobot sound engineering.”

Bunny & The Invalid Singers - Is the work of Edinburgh based solo musician, Alex Nielsen. Bunny was once member of bands, Idiot Half Brother and Scout-Master General and is current member of  AWSTS. Although Bunny's work has more of an indie pop edge than most of his label mates there are still many experimental elements within his work which may, sometimes, catch the listener off guard. He has a new album near completion which will be out on Bearsuit this year. Chain D.L.K Zine said of his 2015 album : “References to [artists] such as Robert Wyatt, Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, Galaxie 500 and even The Carpenters pop out of the release like mushrooms.”

Hayato Takeuchi  - Is a Tokyo based musician who has previously recorded as Bubbly Folks. His debut album as Hayato Takeuchi titled, “L.S.F” was released on the Cafe O Label in 2013. Hayato employs a mixture of dance, minimalism and pop in his work and is not adverse to playing the guitar  - which he does, it has to be said, extremely well. He released “EP” on Bearsuit in September last year to favourable reviews. Unwashed Territories Zine said of “EP” : “blending delightful pop melodies with departures into the bizarre over five tracks of some of the most engaging music you'll hear this year. It's great!”

Besides their artists being featured regularly here on FZB, Bearsuit enjoys a wide acceptance by the indie music press. here are some things that have been written about them and their artists:

If you're not familiar with the label, get familiar with it! If you're into esoteric electronica everything they're putting out seems to be really, really cool. It's a cool label! Bearsuit Records – a brilliant, independent label based in Edinburgh. I highly recommend them!
[Mathew Baty – Amazing Radio, Richard Dawson, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs]

A label whose work in the experimental, electronica and pop music scene has helped to develop it's own distinctive sounds that has gained much attention and praise - making this group of artists and their label owner a cornerstone in their genres. On tonights “Labels” we celebrate 10 years of Bearsuit Records. An incredible experimental label.
[Tom Byrne - “Labels”, Radio RKC]

Leaning towards electronica and mostly instrumental Рbut it's diverse enough for there to be something for everyone, if you scurry away from the clich̩. The fantastic stable that is Edinburgh based, Bearsuit Records. Bearsuit Records Рsuch amazing artists, such amazing sounds. The wonky, the weird, the wired, the wayward! Go invest in these artists futures! Go buy!

[Craig Adams – New Weird Planet Radio Show, Sine FM]

The fearlessly inventive and always exciting Bearsuit label returns with a collection of experimental electronic works [V/A : "Run Over By An Elevator"] spotlighting the best and brightest of the (predominantly) Scottish and Japanese electronics scene.

Bearsuit Records, a label that scurries away from cliché and stereotypes like silverfish from sunshine. [Bunny & The Electric Horsemen - "Fall Apart In My Backyard"] Like the other albums I have heard on this label (Harold Nono/AWSTS) this is f****** brilliant. Baffling, surreal and totally idiosyncratic...
[Sitting Now]
The skewed brilliance of Bearsuit Records [have] recently brought us the likes of Bunny and the Electric Horsemen, Jimmy Rosso and Haq, among a whole load of other creative and brilliant artists.
[Amazing Radio]
The label that is the beginning and end in eclectic electronica, Bearsuit Records.
[Phil Vickery - “In-Tune”]
Purveyors of the weird, the wired, the wayward and quite frankly wonky, this collective prides itself on scouring the global airwaves for strange sonic communications and offering safe haven to those aural alchemists operating on the distant outer post markers of pops cosmos.
[God Is In The TV]
The quality is altogether excellent, reflecting the great skills of the people involved... It is great to notice there are fresh labels who can compete in quality with well-known labels such as Ninja Tune or Warp Records.
[Adornments Of The King Magazine]
The amazingly brilliant Bearsuit Records - everything they release is either totally fantastic or ass-shakingly wonderful - depending on your choice of improvised adjective...
[Behind Closed Doors]
Scottish indie company who specialise in experimental music from all over the world …that there are many trans-national collaborations is another asset of a small yet fine indie label that does its best to present original music to the world. Experimentalists will have a field day!
Having for my sins not heard of Bearsuit Records before, I can safely say they’re a jolly good record label. This sampler [V/A : Captain Woof Woofs Guitar] showcases the real creativity of what they have to offer, and experimental it most certainly is.
It’s another winner from Bearsuit Records who seem to have a never-ending supply of wayward geniuses on their roster.
[Leonards’ Lair]

Thursday, February 22, 2018

ShapeShiftingAliens: ShapeShiftingAliens

Swedish band ShapeShiftingAliens have released a new S/T album. The duo of Niklas Rundquist and J.P. Cleve make stylish synth pop anthems with the flair of David Bowie, Trent Rezner and Brian Eno. The twelve tracks weave and swirl through forests of reverb, with towering lyrical themes, terse music minimalism and an inert power that compels the album forward. This is prog rock at its finest. Watch the video for album track Just A Boy, then stream and buy ShapeShiftingAliens at the link below.

ShapeShiftingAliens: Just A Boy from The Sublunar Society on Vimeo.

The Cavemen: The Cavemen

UK indie label Dirty Water Records is known for delivering savage punk bands and one of the best is Auckland's The Cavemen. The label has reissued the bands S/T debut album in a variety of formats, including vinyl. The fifteen tracks are short, spiteful, raw, brutal and perfect. Punk at its core has always been pure raw energy and The Cavemen deliver at a primal level. Hardcore to remind us of society as a scum bag. Stream and buy The Cavemen at the link below.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

This week's Digster Wednesday Playlists invites you to time travel back in time with Digster's Decades Playlists. Celebrate 50 years since the summer of love with the 60's playlist, over 3 hours of the trippiest music from when psychedelics ruled and tie dye was a fashion statement. There's the Hella Good New Millenia Hits playlist for those who love the 00s, with 56 songs by the artists that shaped the early years of the 21st Century. Try the new Wave Hits of the 80s, almost 4 hours of songs that showed us the way with new synthy sounds and reverby guitars. Or, you can get down with the Motown playlist, 74 hits from the artists that defined an era. Listen to these and all of the other Decades playlists at the link below.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Spice Breather: Crawling Planetary Being

Crawling Planetary Being is the new album from Spice Breather, aka artist producer Matthew Schotte. The 5 tracks, covering almost 50 minutes of music, is a post-metal, post-otherworldly collage of industrial synth pads, noise woven fabric, sinister ambiance and at times, almost extreme rave, while at other times dark foreboding and sensual. The soundscapes are dissonant, yet compelling. Metal redefined as space jams. Stream and buy Crawling Planetary Being at the link below.

Bed Scene: Bed Scene

Miami based Bed Scene have released their S/T debut EP. The project of composer/producer Nicolas Aponte, the six tracks are reverby pop, with a twangy sheen and an indie rock sensibility. The songs are dapper gems, with a bit of The Jam's mod and a bit of Weezer's cliche, blended together to deliver a debut that will turn heads. Sterling production, tight arrangements and strong performances abound on this must have EP. Watch the video for EP track Day In A dream and then stream and buy Bed Scene at the link below.

Monday, February 19, 2018

We Are Temporary: Embers

Embers is the sophomore full length album from Brooklyn based FZB favorite We Are Temporary, aka artist/producer Mark V. Roberts. It seems fitting for there to be a mountain on the cover of this album, as with Embers, Roberts has reached a pinnacle of a career arc that has seen him climb his own inner mountain, from the head of former label Stars and Letters Records, to an emerging artist crafting his own sound, to now having delivered an album that is the culmination of all that has gone before. The eleven tracks are pristine works of synthpop, full of emotional depth, personal demons, virtuoso synth lines, imaginative phrasing and vocal shading, and an authentic artistic honesty rarely achieved by any artist.  The album has both a dark feel and a hopeful vibe. It is work of sublime beauty, lyrical trepidation  and transcendent finality. This album is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Embers at the link below.

The Dround Hounds: Broken Hearts & Drunken Feet

Broken Hearts & Drunken Feet is the sophomore release and debut full length from Atlanta based husband and wife duo The Dround Hounds. The ten tracks deliver straight up, no pretense rock and roll. Think Black Keys during their early touring years or Japandroids without the over produced indie chic. This is a duo that delivers with a bit of southern charm and a lot of cajones. What you get is the rock, the whole rock and nothing but the rock, with a sound that is crisp and compelling. Stream and buy Broken Hearts & Drunken Feet at the link below.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Date Month Year: March

March is the latest in a long line of singles from New Zealand band Date Month Year. The track features tight harmonies in a catchy pop assemblage of stylish indie rock. With a stunning vocal lead and strong guitar drive, this is a single that will keep your head in the game and leave you wanting a proper album release to satiate your desires. Stream and buy March at the link below.

Mary and The Ram: The Cross

UK duo Mary and The Ram, aka Kiran Tanna and Dom Smith, have released their debut single The Cross b/w The Dream. The two tracks are produced by the legendary John Fryer (NIN, Depeche Mode), and have a dark sinister feel, where one expects to encounter devilish images in a sex drenched haze of abandon. Having an industrial sheen and ample amounts of originality, the songs play out as theatrical poems across the cerebral senses. Heavy, commanding and intense, these tracks are a must have. Stream and buy The Cross at the link below.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kudzu: Defeated

Defeated is the sophomore release from Springfield, Missouri based duo Kudzu, aka Seth Goodwin and Mark Gillenwaters. The nine tracks are razor sharp post-punk hewn from the like of Gang of Four, Public Image Ltd. and FZB favorites, The KVB. Dark and noisy, with a ferocious sound that pushes one to the edge of the cliff, only to be pulled back at the last minute. This is music that compels attention, demands volume and impresses thoroughly. Just a damn fine record and a must have. Stream and buy Defeated at the link below.

Roaming Herds of Buffalo: The Bugbears

Seattle indie rock masters Roaming Herds of Buffalo have released their fifth album, The Bugbears. The eight tracks are skillfully crafted post-punk gems that will satisfy the most jaded rockophile. The album is full of imaginative songs, where tasty licks propel the listener through an album that is as engaging as a stalker girlfriend, with its dark, edgy, fuzzed out goodness. Seattle continues to develop fine bands in its incubator and Roaming Herds of Buffalo continue to deliver. Stream and buy The Bugbears at the link below.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

Here we are at another session of the Digster Wednesday Playlists. Today we've got something completely different for the adventurous souls out there with Digster's South Africa Playlists. Take a musical journey to Johannesburg with the Hits playlist and find out what's hot with the hip Afrikaners through 63 of the most happening tunes. Then there's Dancefloor, over three hours of music to give you a night out at the tip of the continent; or try the new Music Friday playlists to see what's trending where the surfing is good and the sharks are huge. Try all the Digster South Africa Playlists at the link below.